Peace One Day project for D&AD White Pencil London, UK.

Art Direction & Design: Dimitri Karam
Photography: Cathrine Dokken

A collaborative project between two designers to create awareness through design.

The concept is to spread the word about World Peace Day by engaging youth.

We achieved that by asking schools for permission to engage their students in the project.
The participants (two thousand and twelve students) were filmed in a one minute silent portrait video thinking about peace and the question "What is peace?"
During the one minute video they were also free wo write and hold up any message they thought could convey their answer.
The students were also asked if they wanted to record an audio of maximum one minute, where they said what peace is for them.
The final product would be a one minute video of each participant thinking about peace, holding a message of their choice and an audio of them speaking out their meaning on the subject layered on top.

Each video was made anonymous by not mentioning anything about the student or school. Furthermore, each video was assigned a QR code to add more to its anonimity.
The QR codes were then put on a white wall in a pavilion, 210912 Pavilion, at a cenral location in Bergen, Norway on the 21st of September 2012 (Peace Day).

Visitors of the pavilion (aprox. ten thousand two hundred and twelve) could scan the QR codes with their smart devices or with the iPads provided at the pavilion to randomly view what the participants had to say on the subject.

These then shared their experience with friends, family members and on different social network platforms (X)


210912 Pavilion location

210912 Pavilion location

210912 Pavilion - Side view

210912 Pavilion - Side view